Our mission is to inspire and connect people around the world by sharing inspirational entertainment, problem solving stories, successful projects, and environmental good news. It empowers environmentalists and humanitarians alike. It is a petri dish for good ideas to multiply—where success stories are recorded and shared like blueprints so that positive solutions can be easily replicated. It is a stream of success stories and optimism, captivating readers and inspiring a better outlook.


     This is GOOD also brings people together in the real world, helping gather volunteers & interns to work on projects with organizations.


     It is a new day in news, and evidence proves nothing is as powerful, or shared as frequently, as good news. According to Arianna Huffington, “Content that is about good news, stories that reinforce our faith in human nature, are shared 3 times more on the Huffington post than the combined average of all our other sections share rate.” By bringing together the good work of  people, it shows us there is cause for optimism. The tide is turning, and people are ready to be inspired. Our goal is to inspire you to help make the world a better place.